Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hello Sunday & OWL~ many thing to do this week.busy with project..bla..bla..bla... haihh --"

netprog, webtech, security, xml....zZzZzzZ.. ALL THIS subject have a lot of works to do..  :p


okey back to the normal, last 2 week, Madam Shahniza teaches us about OWL. Do you what is OWL???

Hohoho even the little kid knew what is owl..sure they said "burung hantu". wakaka.

What I knew about OWL is:
1. has three sublanguages (Lite, DL, Full)

2. stands for Web Ontology Language

3. written in XML

4. built on top of RDF

5. stands for Web Ontology Language

6. part of the 'Semantic Web Vision'

OWL and RDF are much of the same thing, but OWL is a stronger language with greater machine interpretability than RDF.
OWL comes with a larger vocabulary and stronger syntax than RDF.

owl lite-can be used to express taxonomy and simple constraints, such as 0 and 1 cardinality.
owl full-has no expressiveness constraints
owl DL-supports maximum expressiveness

7. that all i know...hehehhe

InsyaAllah i will read more about this chapter..


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